How to schedule or 'auto' prune (remove old posts) of selected boards on SMF 2.0

Started by imrich, September 21, 2009, 07:17:36 AM

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SMF 2.0 has a nice 'scheduled tasks' feature.

Under admin-maintenance-forum-maintenance-topics a nice feature exists to delete posts older than X days in selected boards. When these posts are removed, will they go to the 'trash can' board if I have that feature enabled?

Is there a way to combine these two features?

I have several boards where I would like daily (or weekly) deletion of posts that are older than a certain time period. I have other boards where I do not want to delete any posts.

The manual 'admin' menu's are prone to user error if done regularly, so I'd like to schedule this task.

How can I accomplish this?  I've been reading about the scheduled tasks, but haven't found the description on how to add tasks to the list.

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!


Hmmm, dont know about any function like this in SMF 2.

In your case I would just make a CRON job and be done with it. Just make it so that it weekly runs already existing prune post feature. So, a smallish one :P

But best imo would be to do it manually. Just a weekly click :P


The prune option is exactly will delete your posts completely. Even if you have the recycled board enabled it will still be deleted as it will be pruned completely from the database.

We can move this to the Mod Request board for you if you want.


Yes, I wold love to see this available, feel free to move it to the mod request board.

I believe it should work as follows:

Selected boards can be chosen to be deleted or not on schedule (weekly, monthly, etc). Most flexible would allow different schedules chosen for each board.

If this is too difficult to do, at least having one 'prune' schedule along with which boards will be pruned would be acceptable.

It would be nice if the Admin can choose to have the deleted posts go into the 'recycled board' or not. And then (perhaps a different schedule) can be setup to empty the 'recyled board'.

Thank you.