SendGrid for SMF

Started by GTHK, February 05, 2023, 04:14:23 PM

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Link to the mod

SendGrid for SMF


Send emails using SendGrid's API. Replaces all processing that SMF sends mail. You can switch enable/disable in options.

SMF Version support

This supports SMF 2.1.3


Email body and headers are limited to SendGrid specifications. It cannot be sent in its original form.


SendGrid API Key is required.

SendGrid Site


In an environment where DKIM cannot be used, an external service must be used to perform DKIM signing. SendGrid's service can solve these problems and reduce email bounces. If you can change the server settings yourself, and if you can reverse lookup the IP address of the mail server, you can do it yourself without using a service like SendGrid.

-Rock Lee-

I didn't know about that page, I knew of another similar one that I used at the time where I limited 2k per account with them. I'm going to try how it goes, you never know when you need an external sender, great job and by the way I'll leave you the translation :D.

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Thank you for your translation.
This MOD was created for my site's mail-related DKIM correspondence.
If you don't send a lot of emails, you can use it for free.
In recent years, in order to prevent non-delivery of mail, it is necessary for the mail server to support reverse IP lookup and DKIM.
Most of the things that low-priced rental hosting services cannot handle.
If you do it yourself, it is difficult to set up from the OS using VPS.
Using an external service will allow you to bypass those limitations and accomplish your goals, as well as provide email bounce analysis and other features.

This time, I implemented it by modifying the code, but I hope that it will be improved to a structure that can be hooked.
Currently, SMF2.1.3 duplicates the code of the mail sending part in two places. We should have this all in one place.
Also, it is processed in multipart format, which is inconvenient for mail sending services.
I want the mail type flags to be preserved when entering the mail queue.
This may be achieved without DB changes by adding information to the header.
$message_id seems to be a kind of role, but I'm not sure if this is the case.
Also, it would be nice to have an SSL/TLS connection for SMTP. With that method, SendGrid could be used with SMTP without using this MOD.
But connection efficiency is better with API access.

By the way, the domain of this SMF site seems to have neither DMARC nor DKIM settings,
I'm worried that if I don't take measures, the email may not reach anywhere.


Thank you for the Mod.

Will it be updated for SMF 2.1.4?


Try it for SMF 2.1.4 if works for 2.1.3 it is extremely likely it works for 2.1.4. Sames goes for other mods if it works for the major version it will work for the minor version in most cases.
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