Started by Matthew K., July 16, 2007, 01:07:24 PM

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Installed / Uninstalled / Reinstalled with/without PrettyURLs. I get the Bookmarks options working only for the admin, not for the other users including Global Moderators. Any suggestions ?

SMF 2.1.2 (default theme) / TP 2.2.2



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SMF 2.1.2 (default theme) / TP 2.2.2


Hello there,

Matthew K., or someone else possibly;

Is is just me or is this mod not able to bookmark a specfic 'page' within a [long] topic within an smf forum. Or is it maybe I just don't get. Just wondering, I wasn't able to implement what  I sense, my users need; bookmarking a specific page within a topic, for example, not page one, but, two, or three, etc.
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Well, the description kind of answers that.

Quote from: Mod DescriptionA simple mod that allows users to easily keep track of their favourite topics.

Sounds like your users need to use their browser bookmark/favourite system, for the use case you outlined.



Well, I missed that, does anyone read everything, I just glance, forget, and dare to ask. Will try to learn how to better myself.

But, do you or anyone else know about;

It seemed outdated, but is it useful, also, github isn't accessing from here, I can't even get there, so this is out of my head, what I wrote in this sentence.

I've read from the author from IMIYF, that he possibly want to give the 'project' to someone else, I'm not 'up' with the smf packaging system, just learned to read the xml, and doing it forward and backwards, tedious, but my way of 'reading', things.

And for IMIYF I believe I am able to suport the mod-topic, and make it a little better [the mod, however, going to 2.0.13 up to 2.1, isn't running here], also the javascript is doable, I'm no programmer, however I want 'my cookie', and just because that 'x' does it make go away, I would like to make the user feel it is away. For an hour or so. Not on every page.

I 'borrowed' it's code [I believe this is open source so I may on my website],

It should show, but if you get php inside html, well, my isp borked with something else I 'tracked and traced, haha', and that dudes I gave four messages, three, where so, so, and the fourth I let them know, that my other domain, and possibly another one, also borked. And I and they can tell I didn't change a thing. Apache htaccess is a big animal, DirectAdmin if you know, is a larger animal. I tell them with screenshots from first line up to root [seems 4th line], they made an error somewhere, and this with I say many successes, and little losses [that is was my fault].. However, there version could be a little different, haha.

Seriously; I just missed that, and of course, lazy as I can be as Site Admin which means doing lot's of things to make my users more lazy, haha, they should learn by theirselves and that was a good tip. But there are people with the same car, not understanding a PM, post a new topic, which is a mandatory. I'm trying to 'fix' that and our forum has some 'very useful pages' and I just don't want to go bookmark them and post them, I'm too lazy for that, my users should see a bookmarks knob and experience it from there I believe. However, I'm not after hijacking or overtaking someone's modifications.

Looking here for a great idea and this was close, I want a cookie, and it's a matter of time, I have so many Firefox windows opened, if it borks it takes a while to restore them. While I know Chrome is faster, I find features closer to the admin/ developers, and Chrome a very good browser for public-people or how you say, the Windows, internet, photo's, facebook user and a bit up. And here and there a Mac and another one's linux, and a couple of droids, and that I'm not lazy, I just can't get it out of my system, but am able to create short but effective code, and while I hijacked my own topic, just posted here, hoping someone will point me in the right direction, I'm alsmost daily busy with websites in general, it just isn't smf all the time.  A 'hello world' package howto, not the package, for smf would be great.
If my post in this topic looks ambiguous to you, then I'm with Murphy's law and General Stupidity. In other words, trial and error.


I'm still working with this, there is an example, but for me, have to 'fetch' some 'smf-context-something/ dunno-yet'.

But, this thing seems already good I say.

Just curious what it will accept from me, well, that is what I go seeking/ lookout for. Thanks.
If my post in this topic looks ambiguous to you, then I'm with Murphy's law and General Stupidity. In other words, trial and error.


Even if topic is marked as bookmarked then it still displays "add bookmark". Can you somehow check if the topic is already bookmarked and then display "delete bookmark"?


I found a solution, in MessageIndex.template.php you have to find "foreach ($context['topics'] as $topic)" and after it add:

if ($context['user']['is_logged']) echo'
<a href="'. $scripturl . '?action=bookmarks;sa=add;topic=' . $topic['id'] . ';' . $context['session_var'] . '=' . $context['session_id'].'" class="btn"><i class="fa fa-heart"';

include_once ("Sources/Bookmarks.php");

foreach ($foo as $book) {
if ($book['id'] == $topic['id']){


it checks if bookmark id = topic id and if yes changes font colour to #e64.