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Guests cannot browse

Started by ruskan, June 09, 2017, 02:02:44 PM

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I want guests to be able to browse my forum without logging in or registering. On my features and options>basic features admin page, 'Allow guests to browse the forum' is checked, but does not seem to be working, since guests are now unable to browse. They get the challenge page asking them to log in or reg. I believe guests were previously allowed to browse - don't know when this stopped. Help? Many thanks.

Modify board>Allowed groups>guests is also checked.

SMF 1.1.20

mac 10.6.8


seems to be working, although it seems you may have more boards that guests dont have permission to view.


Works for me as well but as Illori alluded to, I see only one board so if you have more you want them to be able to browse you'll need to check the permissions she mentioned.

Also, have you considered upgrading?
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There's only the one board. I just noticed what the problem is. On the landing page, if you clik on "1. The Emotional Clearing Process" you go to the forum and can browse as a guest. However, if you clik on the logo to the left (the box with the triangle in it) you get stopped. Cliking on the box seems like a viable option, and some people probably get stopped here, as even I did.

I'm not opposed to upgrading, but have not become aware of the need for it. What upgrade version would you rec ?

Thanks so much.