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Error login in when using the wrapped function

Started by s1l3ncer, October 17, 2009, 12:43:20 AM

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Hey There guys, is 5:20 in the morning and I have banging my head for 9 Hours trying to figure this out.
I have install The bridge for SMF Version 1.1.9 I have sync (migrated) The user from my forums into mambo but theres seems to be a error when I use the login logout feature in the bridge.
Okay first I have made a testing account This account works fine in The standalone forum and the mambo login. But when I'm login into mambo and I use the SMF Forum integration: Wrapped if obviously appears like your not log in but when you input your info this error comes up ( when login from the bridge wrapped) Login into mambo or standalone forum works fine just happens when you try to log in using mambo bridge wrapper

8: Undefined property: stdClass::$login
File: /home/saintzer/public_html/beta/components/com_smf/smf.php
Line: 776Database Error: Table 'saintzer_site.smf_sessions' doesn't exist
File: /home/saintzer/public_html/forums/Sources/Load.php
Line: 2017

here is my inf
Mambo 4.6.5 Stable [ Jupiter ]
SMF 1.1.9
SMF login,logout,register,user_band,user_delete,user_change,user_unband are all Unpublished

here is the url go head and use the test account so you can see what I mean
http:[//]www[dot]saintzero[dot]com /  beta

username :test2 pass:123456789 when you log in you will see a testforumlink under Forums thats the wrapped bridge.

Thank you again and if I missed something or any other info you need please let me know.


Go to your Mambo admin panel.

Go to the Modules menu.  Click on Site Modules.

Find the mod_smf_login in the list of modules.  It might not be on the first page.  When you find it, click on it.

Set the parameters to your liking.

Click Save at the top of the page.

Even if you change nothing, click Save at the top of the page.


Because you are using the Mambo login, you should have the SMF_login and SMF_logout mambots published.


ohh sheez what a noob. Thank you for the help. it was 5 in the morning and my brain was almost asleep

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