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Resize Attached Images (Updated for 2.0 RC4)

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1536_164d9fd9aa92e415a370338257c4031f54fdd2a1 is the proper format for attached files. I don't know where the others are coming from.

Do you have any other mods installed which affect attachments?

It appears to have created a huge number of small files upto 10kb on just one day so I know they are not new attachments and the total seems to have jumped from 2000 odd attachments to 44000 now.

I am also using the highslide viewer mod. is it causin the image to be resized multiple times as it is viewed ? this mod

It doesn't look like it's that mod.

Do you see them in the Admin CP when viewing the attachements?

If you have database access, do you see them in the attachments table. The first numbers of a file name before the first underscore (_) is the attachment id. You should be able to use that if checking the database or look for a repitition of this in the file names.

Here is what is happening. I disabled the highslide viewer mod and uploaded a pic. The attachments table showed me 44673 rows after the upload and I saw my image had been uploaded as the last one.

After that i enabled the highslide viewer mod so all images now displayed as thumbs. I clicked on the same thread again to view the last post with image and in the table the number of entires jumped to 44713 and i saw new entries for all images in that thread named xxxxxx.jpg_thumb size(200x200). So I guess all images in the thread opened are instantly resized and renamed as xxx.jpg_thumb.

Once i disable the highslide viewer mod then it doesnt happen. However I do know this did not happen earlier with just the highslide viewer mod and is a conflict with resize image mod and highslide viewer.

Please advice.................

What also i would like to know is Can I delete the rows in the attachments table with files like %.jpg_thumb ? That would clean out 42000 rows. However i am now unable to view the files in the server as my ftp software allows me to view only 2000 files. I want to delete the same files in the attachment folder to reclaim server space.


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