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YaBB 2.4 to SMF: Any luck?

Started by mrtoner, October 25, 2009, 06:08:35 PM

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Quote from: [email protected] on December 29, 2010, 12:12:21 AM
QuoteWell, I ended up hiring a programmer on to convert my YaBB 2.4 installation to SMF. He did some work on the converter that I referenced above; I've attached it here for your use.

Do you have any idea if your converter will work on YABB 2.5?

I suspect it will. You'll have a backup of your YaBB installation, right?  :P

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The migration worked perfectly! With the exceptions you noted above.

We still have one problem. URLs for links to threads within YABB are copied exactly so they don't  work once migrated. As we have thousands of them in our 30 photo albums and 35 FAQ threads, we are taking a step back and trying to figure this one out. Doing it manually will take days. We also know taking users back to the old YABB boards will be a hit to our professionalism our ad department doesn't want to contemplate.

Any ideas?


the old URLs could be redirected via htaccess files or simple php files or even fixed via a simple SQL statement inside the database.. could you please post some examples?

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This is an example of an inside board link after the conversion. The database numbering system is quite different between YABB and SMF. [nofollow]

Here are the unresolved issues we are still facing. The minor issues we would ignore or correct manually.

Primary Issues:

URLs for links to threads within YABB are copied exactly so they don't work once migrated.
PM's in outbox do not show who it was sent to.

Secondary Issues:

Banned IP addresses not saved.
PM's show oldest PM / Page first no matter what settings are changed.
Some posts have large text in them.
Some posts show the formating coding
Boards converted are all under the one category instead of being in proper ones that they were on YaBB.
Membergroups converted across wrong with them all under the one group.


the URL redirection via htaccess should work:
Unfortunately I don't have time to work on the yabb converter for now, maybe someone else can help with your other issues?


URL redirection will work only if the user doesn't mind (as in my case) having the old installation around.

For this to work otherwise, the converter will need to keep track of each message, correlating the old message ID to the new message ID. After converting the messages, a second pass would be necessary to modify the old links to the new structure. I don't see how that's possible once the conversion has been completed.

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Not gonna happen. We have  a modicum of professionalism, even though we are a small site, we have to demonstrate we can move beyond NOW! and I guarantee you we will!!!!!!! 

SMF is a quality product with a huge user base. In light of the smartphone explosion and YABB's implosion I'm sure someone would like to pick up 100K users!

At the moment I'm not feeling the love.

I've always led tech in my niche and  my company will never allow that lead to be taken away by complacency!  We have been working 24/7 since it became obvious  phones were this year's  big xmas winner (about 3 weeks ago).

I challenge SMF community to take up the gauntlet and help us out.  I guarantee we have  a fair share to give back to this community.

Our plan was to wait for YABB3 and take a good hard look at it. PERL offers some great security;)

I can't wait any further for 3 and then wait for converters! Neither can the rest of the  YABB user community.

There are other players jumping into this challenge and I hope the SMF community embraces this opportunity to become a TRUE industy leader!

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I think we might have figured out how to export YABB to MySQL. If it works, I'll let you know

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