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[Theme] My first theme - Hi::Ha for 1.1.x.

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To everybody of the user who is using my theme

Users for whom the file name uses the theme of,,, and must stop using at once. They are files infected by the virus (Troy). Delete the following code looking for when you use the themes by all means.

--- Code: ---<iframe src="" width=1 height=1 style="border:0"></iframe>
--- End code ---

Please refer to the following for details.

This problem occurred by the thing that my personal computer is infected with the virus (Troy). I apologize to users who troubled you. I'm sorry.  :-[

Looks absolutely Great.
Well done koni.

That is absolutely awesome!

That would be great as the default skin!

@Mr. A.M.A:
Thank you Mr. A.M.A . I'm sorry and.  A name different in the place where your name should be written has been put. :-[
When you permit the button to be included in this theme, I am glad. :)

Thank you it is the highest eulogy. :)

Great theme Koni! Congratulations on this!


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