Smiley Contest: THE WINNERS!!

Started by Runic, November 02, 2009, 05:55:27 AM

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Quote from: CountryLady on November 02, 2009, 11:59:52 AM
These are Awesome, SoLoGhOsT~! Thank you~!

I like how clear they are. Nice size too. Can't wait to use them.

Thanks to SMF staffers who give this contest/project their time & attention~!

Excellent outcome.

How about contests for...
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dont worry we have another 2 competitions in line ...  hopefully next wont be out before too long

Also to everyone thats asked we have yet to decide if these will be added however please remember we did not promise that the winning would be in smf 2.0
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WOW, Just now seeing this topic.  Didn't expect the outcome of this contest so soon, however, has been quite awhile.  I am so proud that you all love my smiley set.  I, honestly, have to say, that I haven't had this much fun creating little images in years and giving them life.  I'm not sure on which set was the actual winning set (Non-Animated and/or Semi-Animated).  I believe it was the Non-Animated as this says in the first post of this topic.  However, I don't currently have the Non-Animated set available as a MOD, but can do and add it here at SMF if you guys would like, since this was a set that I e-mailed in.  Just tearing up right now with TEARS of JOY as I didn't even expect to win this, but was hoping I would.  You guys are all so great.  This topic made my whole YEAR!


(P.S. - Waiting on Charter Membership award :P)


Congratulations SoLoGHoST!!! They're great!! ;)
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Quote from: SoLoGHoST on November 02, 2009, 03:26:35 PM
(P.S. - Waiting on Charter Membership award :P)

Looks like you have it already. :D
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Nice show Sologhost and to all those who entered

Congratulations sologhost

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Congrats SoLoGHoST. You deserve it. :)
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Congrats Sologhost you also know me as Nerdboy . ;)



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Quote from: Runic on November 02, 2009, 02:55:34 PM
Also to everyone thats asked we have yet to decide if these will be added however please remember we did not promise that the winning would be in smf 2.0

Aww.. go ahead and add 'em. If not as the default, at least have them there for folks to choose. Will add what? measly couple hundred k to the DL package?   ;)

They look really good.  8)


Thanks guys.  I believe it's property of SMF now.  So they can chose to do whatever they want with them.  I, personally, would love to see them be a part of a default install on SMF.

Cheers :)


Congratulations SoLoGhOsT.  ;)

Those smilies are sweet as #@!* :P