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Started by Shortie, November 10, 2009, 09:01:57 AM

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Just open each of the CSS files

And change the body font size from 70% to what ever size you require NOTE this will push some of the padding as well but can be increased to about 90% no problem



Much appreciate. Again, great skin~!~ We love it  ;D

PS ~ Increasing to 80% is great, but I think I'm gonna pump it down a half click to 75% & call it good.


Hi Ya

Glad it worked out all right

The reason for doing it this way is that if you set you browser to increase the text size it should - I say SHOULD have the same effect

Also if you pop over to GraphicsMayhem There is a more compact version which may be of interest to you


Jed C

cheers Shortie worked a treat  8)

Clara Listensprechen

Quote from: Dawni on November 20, 2009, 05:22:50 AM

I have one small question, if I may. Can the font size of topics, posts, (pretty much most of the text) be changed from 8pt to at least 10pt? (News Fader is fine at it's current font size)
You and I are in the same boat, and I was hoping to request a lightened up version.  I've already tried to rework the Purple and the Gray options to make things easier on people with eye situations, but some stuff stubbornly remains too dark.

If the author would kindly come up with a version that is kinder to people with eye issues, it would be greatly appreciated.
My eyes just aren't what they used to be anymore  ;)
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Sweet Theme, and it works a treat on my website. Thanks a bundle as I destroyed my last attempt of trying to create a theme. [nonactive]


how do you remove the SMF logo the abov poster never said how he did it ?


Go Admin

Current theme

And in the slogan input box add a space



Hi i am using the Distinct Theme on my website but im having a few problems within the topics and pictures of a large size. When a topic is made and people comment down along etc its fine but if someone adds a large picture the whole topic gets bigger and goes out of the theme like this

and again here because there is large pictures down along the topic

Now when i was on 1.1.11 i had a scroll bar to move across the post that has the large picture and the rest of the topic would stay the way it should but this isnt the case here and im wondering if someone would know how to add this scroll bar or know what i have to do to fix it please.


This would be better asked in the support thread for that theme as it is not SMF 2.0 as such. ;)


Ok can someone move it for me or will i just lock it and make a new one in the support thread?


lol nice im love black realy nice !!! ;D ;D ;D


Can someone tell what i need to add so that the scroll bar will work please?? I cant even delete messages now because the delete button is off the theme


Do you have a linkt to you site and I will have a look



What version of SMF are you running


Ya heres the link.
Im on 2.0rc2 the latest version. Ive sent you a PM

Chazz CC

I seem to have run out of room in my nav bar with all the installed mods...

Can you recommend an aesthetically pleasing fix for this please???  ;D


The only real way is to drop the font size

Have a look at the CSS if you are having difficulties give me a shout


Chazz CC

Quote from: Shortie on December 31, 2009, 12:38:19 PM
The only real way is to drop the font size

Have a look at the CSS if you are having difficulties give me a shout


I kinda thought that would be the fix & did this to increase the font size in posts, because they were too small.

At what portion of the css sheets would decrease the font size that would affect only the nav bar?

Wyrda Ebrithil

hey shortie... could you fix this:;topicseen#new

please and thank you ;)

Edit: Could you also make it so that you side bar menu is above the collapsible button for the left panel of portamx?


Chazz CC:
I have exact same problem!
(battle mod, articles mod, buddy page, avea media, links mod, donations, Ajaxchat, Custom tab: "RULES" created by the "The Rules" mod)

I know, and I have like 50 mods installed, and more to come later!

Shortie, awesome mod! *SET TO NOTIFY