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Administration Center layout problem

Started by iMon, November 21, 2009, 03:02:01 PM

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I just did an upgrade from RC1.2 to RC2 using the small update. It didn't allow me to upgrade via the package manager so I manually uploaded the file and ran the upgrader. Everything ran fine and it finished correctly.

However, the administration center looks bad. Everything looks normal except this. Note: It's the same way on all layouts.

Image: http://imgur.com/WFZWe.png


Try clearing out your forum and browser cache.
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Yup, you can't upgrade via the package manager.

What browser?

Did you clear your cache before going into the admin panel? (or, for example, pressed Ctrl F5)
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Seems that was the problem  ;)

I had a lot of mods conflicts, such as PrettyURLs or StopSpammers though.

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