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qustion ub convert

Started by, November 13, 2009, 07:52:22 PM

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I can't write english good

i want ask a question

if i want convert from vb to smf

i have problem in link

all my back link will dead

for example

now my topic link is

the link in vb
when i will convert to SMF it will be,56816.0.html

so when will you visit the old one

you will not found it

and lost Google rank

is any way to make something ( like redirection )

from the old link to new link

all i want i don't wont lost any back link


I'm not sure how the rest of the URLs look like, for example, how is the URL in vb for the second page of a topic?
How does the URL to a forum (or board) looks like?

You may find an idea here: how to redirect old vb urls to new ones?
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