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Started by Nadrealista, November 15, 2009, 12:51:09 PM

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GoldMoon - Link to the theme

- Published Reloaded Edition of Gold Moon
- Compatible with 1.1.15
- Tested on Mozilla, Chrome & IE 9
Theme by: H-Design.


Very Nice! One of the better themes, I have seen lately.
Colin B
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Marcus Forsberg

Very nice indeed. Any plans for a 2.0 version?


Quote from: Nas on November 15, 2009, 02:44:31 PM
Very nice indeed. Any plans for a 2.0 version?
Thanks, Nas.
Yes, both of my themes will soon be updated and for 2.0 version.

by designer


Very nice Theme..

Congrats! ;D
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Theme works perfectly with new version (1.1.11).


  installed goldmoon under smf1.1.11
  My logo is not displayed ( goldmoon logo displayed instead) even though the path to the jpg file is correct.
The same jpg file can be used by other 4 themes properly. What can be the reason ?


Delete your cookies, refresh forum few times and then will show up. And check again the path to the image in style.css, make sure it's correct.


Great theme. Getting all my mods and custom logos in place. One thing I can't seem to change on it though, as I've been able to do on other themes, is move the News section from the header.

I have a shoutbox installed, and I like the News section to be below the shoutbox. I've found the code that runs the news, but it's slightly different than on other themes.

Have any suggestions? Like, can that be written differently in its own section so it can be moved around?

Rehash D Internet

Love this theme. I've noticed that the buttons aren't appearing though - just text. Is there a way round this?


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Quote from: 7s-1k on February 27, 2010, 11:46:40 AM
server offline?
Yes, demo version is no more in function.


Hello and thank you, Haяy.

I like it pretty much!
Could you pls help me with a bit finetuning?

# I would like to have an "Forum"-Button in the Menuebar [goldie_menue.png] And/Or the logo linked to the Forum...

# I use SimplePortal. In the Block "Recent Posts" is the word "neu" for new posts in the same color like the titletext. I would like ti have there an other, better viewing color

# the fontsize in postings is a bit to small for some peoples. where can i change it pls?

Sorry for my bad English, i hope you will understand me :)


Hi, meifler.

Thanks for your comments.

1. Do you mean to add new button in toolbar menu?
2. The word "Neu" is probably the title of new.gif. Make new folder in goldmoon11x/images and call it by name of your currently used language on forum, and upload there new.gif image. Made it yourself, or put this one:

That would replace word "neu".
3. In style.css

Find font-size: 11px;, and replace it has you wish.

Hope I'd help you!


Nice for helping me :) Thank you.
What is to do, so that the LOGO would link to the forum?