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extra section below Users Online?

Started by Totally Amplified, November 20, 2009, 08:09:31 PM

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Totally Amplified

Hey everyone :)

I need a extra box/section adding below 'Users Online' how do I go about doing it?

Heres my link:


Hey, try taking a look at these documents, and then try re-wording your question because I don't quite understand what you mean =/

How do I ask support questions the smart way?
How can I get my problems solved faster?

Totally Amplified

When you know down the bottom of the main index?

You get Forum Stats and User's Online well I want another section called Affiliates and Partners

So then I will have...

Forum Stats

Online Users

Affiliates and Partners

Do you understand now?

Sorry for any inconvenience.


So what does it need to contain? What version of SMF? What theme? Should it be visible to everyone?
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Totally Amplified

Just a box where I can add affiliates/ads/images

Version: 1.1.10

And the theme is outline (red) by DzinerStudio

Help appreciated :)