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Converting Databast from MySQL to PostgreSQL

Started by demize, November 22, 2009, 08:45:19 PM

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I don't believe there's a way to do this in the board, but could anybody tell me a way to do it? I'm getting a VPS with somebody, and he likes PostgreQL more so it would be nice if I could use it instead of MySQL, because I don't have much use for a database aside from the forum.


There are still known issues in the PostgreSQL implementation in SMF 2.0 at present.

As for how you'd do it, you'd essentially create a new forum in 2.0 with PostgreSQL, then use the backup facilities in the original forum to export the 'data only' part and import that into PostgreSQL. At least, that's the theory...


phpMyAdmin allows you to export data in PostgreSQL-compatible format, so that would be your best option.

Alternately, you could download Navicat for PostgreSQL and import it that way (the "lite" version doesn't support this functionality).

However, as Arantor said, there are known issues with PostgreSQL at the moment, particularly with the install/upgrade, so you might want to hold off until RC3. Also note that some mods may not work properly with PostgreSQL.
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