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Blue Moonlight

Started by Akyhne, November 30, 2009, 06:59:05 PM

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Blue Moonlight is a dark, modern theme. It was my second theme ever on Simple Machine's theme site.
Thanks to Gary for a name to the theme.
The theme works with SMF2.0.x only!

EDIT 08-2011: Corrected a few issues with the main_menu as well as removed the RC5 version!
EDIT October 2011: Checkboxes could not be determined if they were checked or not in Opera 11.51

30th November 2011
+ Added SMF 2.1 style dropdown menu
! Tweaked some of the graphics

The theme can be previewed here:



is there a problem with the header section of the theme?

I just made a custom logo head banner for the top section and it doesn't line up correctly
also is this theme compatible with all mods?  reason why i ask is because the Ad Management
mod does not install ads at top of the board above the smf logo
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The theme doesn't use custom templates, besides the index.template.php which has only been edited with a theme note in the bottom.

barry c

I am having a problem with this theme and IE8 has anyone else reported any?

Only half the page loads sometimes. No problems with any other browser I am aware of.

Really nice theme.

barry c

Well I just found out its not the theme. Its IE8 and smf 2.0 RC2. Thanks I will post in the proper forum.



Mega-sweet theme!  Made this one my forum default.   :)  One question though:

With mods applied, the admin section dropdowns don't have the black background all the way down.  The extra choices aren't legible.  Can you advise a fix?   :)


Can you show me a snapshot of this?


Sure!   8)  It does the same with the 'Configuration' tab as well.   ;)


k, I'll have a look tomorrow.


Made a SMF 2 RC3 version.

Quote from: lc62003 on January 15, 2010, 06:41:29 PM
With mods applied, the admin section dropdowns don't have the black background all the way down.  The extra choices aren't legible.  Can you advise a fix?   :)
Sorted in the RC3 version (just made a silent update).


I'm going to make this theme a multi color variation. The theme itself will not change how it looks, only the text colors.

Ideas for new colors are welcome.


Adk Portal 3.1 is coming....

Design your universe!


It is nice and clean but it is to dark for my usage.
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If you use an old, cheap CRT monitor, then the chance is all dark themes looks to dark. I saw a few SMF forums out there using my theme, but with changed font. It makes quite a difference, that's why I'm now making it a multi-color theme so that people can choose.

You can see how the theme looks with white text here.


Hi Akyhne - I'm using your brill theme on my upgraded RC4 site and Portamx portal -

I've changed a few of the colours etc by hand :)

Couple of questions:

1) Is there a way of making it 100% width? If I put 100% in Theme settings, it still leaves a gap either side. (That's what it is set on currently)
2) I have the same problem with the menus as in above

Many thanks
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Ah, forgot all about the menu issue.

Nice colors, the theme will be a multi-color theme when made for SMF2. It's only for font-colors, though.

About the 100% width, I'll look at that and the other issue, but right now I'm hung up. If you don't hear from me in a week or two, just post here again.


Hi Akyhne - The menu issue seems to be effecting member profiles as well now with mods installed as there seems to be too many items before the menu system turns white.
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Can you take a snapshot, please.


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