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Started by Arantor, December 15, 2009, 08:08:21 PM

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Quote from: The Grinch on December 23, 2009, 02:59:04 AM
It is possible with this mod. Just it does a lot more. for example lets you control a group being able to see and enter the board - but that's all it does. It doesn't allow you to stop people entering boards if one or more of the groups they have access to would allow them in.

Mine allows you to set up whether a group can view and enter the board, and additionally (what it was made for) stopping people entering boards.

that is not compatible with 2.rc2

Thanks Calcricho   :-[   ;)


You *can* do it with this mod, just it takes a little more work is all.


I would like to thank you gringe for without this mod I found it very hard to manipulate the board to restrict and or allow member group access across my forum
With this mod my life has become significantly easier.
So well done perfect mod!

In fact its that good I have sent you a superhero gif.
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Thanks :)

It's easy to allow users access -- not so easy to prevent them accessing it.


really helpful mod Arantor,  many thanks ;)

heres spanish translation  ;)


Thanks 130860 :)

I really need to swoop through my mods and get all the translations fixed up sometime soon. To be honest it'll probably happen when I fix everything up for RC3 when that's released.


oh, don't worry about it ;)   I also post the translations in a topic in Spanish boards made just for that,  so  thats pretty much covered :)   although some users don't have  much knowledge about open an editing files  thats why I post the translations in the mod's support topic hopping the mod author include it on the package so the users don't have to edit files, just  install and ejoy   ;)


Thanks - I will :)

That's the only curse of having a lot of mods, is trying to keep up with translations at times.


lol, and here I was sending you translation after translation :P  but thats because you're always making new mods!

if you keep making mods, then I will keep sending you translations for those!   :P


Hehe, well, I'm always working on *something* or other...

But as RC3 approaches (as it inevitably must) I'll be sweeping up all the changes, all the bug fixes etc etc into the RC3 package (is what I did for mods for RC2, after all)


ok, looking forward for it,  if there's  something I could do to help just let me know  ;)


damn can someone please help us on how to get this mod to work properly. Step by step instructions on how not to allow a particular group accessing the board.



When I wrote this, I really didn't intend to get into discussions on how to set it up; you set it up like any other board specific permission in SMF 2.0.

But it depends on, precisely, what you're trying to do. Tell me exactly what you're trying to do and I'll tell you how to do it.


OK, I used this mod after being directed there from this help request:

I applied the "disallow" for the Ambassador UserGroup across the general profile.
I set up a test user in no groups and they could see all boards and posts.
I added them the the Ambassador user group abnd they could see none. So far so good.

I then (after experimentation removed and) created a new board called Embassy with the permissions group of Ambassadorial. I ensured that all non guest groups had Allow on "View board on board listing" and "Enter the board and see the threads in it"

The new board is there for all users in the home page listing. Admin can see inside it. My test user can see inside when in the Ambassador group but not when in no groups, even though general member is set to allow viewing.


Disallow doesn't stop users going in. All it means is that that group doesn't add the permission (doesn't add isn't the same as prevent).

One or more of the other groups is still allowing access. To correct, Admin > Permissions > Settings > Enable deny permissions, and set to deny (which will force it to be disabled)


OK, so why do regular users get "The topic or board you are looking for appears to be either missing or off limits to you." when they are set to allow in the profile permissions for that board?

It's the only board with that profile group and all usergroups have the Allow for view in listing, view topics and post new topics.


If it's set to deny, it DENIES it, even if other groups would allow it.


Using the test user who is in no membergroups to test.

They can see all boards on the default profile.

I removed the Embassy board and Ambassadorial persmission profile.
I re-created the Ambassadorial permissions profile, copying Default. I created a new board Embassy set to this new profile.
The test user not in any group got the same error that the board did not exist or was off limits.


The test user will be in at least two membergroups - can't be avoided.

Check what permissions they have from their profile.


All permissions stated show "Given by regular member"