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SMF 1.0.6 Released

Started by Grudge, January 28, 2006, 06:39:21 AM

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thnx people,i got to be honest,ive used a fair few diff type's of forums for my website,but so far this is 1 of the most easy to use,its stable,fast,lots of features,BRILLIANT keep up the good work people


i dont have much money but will be donating towards helping you


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Can I use 1.05 language translations with version 1.06? I have already installed a German language pack (1.06) But i also need one for Chinese and I don't see one for version 1.06.


As far as I am aware that should be fine.



i was using 1.1RC2 , and now tried to install 1.0.6 through this package; , and got the following error while running update.php

Converting activity logs... Unsuccessful!
This query:
SELECT lmr.ID_BOARD, lmr.ID_MEMBER, lmr.logTime
FROM smf_log_mark_read AS lmr
LEFT JOIN smf_log_boards AS lb ON (lb.ID_BOARD = lmr.ID_BOARD AND lb.ID_MEMBER = lmr.ID_MEMBER)
WHERE lb.logTime < lmr.logTime;
Caused the error:

Unknown column 'lb.logTime' in 'where clause'


Please do reply me. My board has been down for a few days cos nobody replied me in support forum.


Why are you trying to "downgrade" to 1.0.6 from 1.1 RC2 ?

1.0.6 can be upgraded from 1.0.5 or before. 1.1 RCx series is a later version already! You don't need to do this upgrade.


OooOOpppsss ! my mistake !

so how will i go back to 1.1RC 2 now while i have uploaded all files of 1.0.6 and have also run update.php and found the above error ? Any way to UNDO things ?


I think the best is to "upgrade" to 1.1 RC2 again :)


Thanks Jay.
This post has been moved to SMF 1.1 RC2.



This topic if for 1.0.6 not 1.1 RC1.  If you are going to upgrade to 1.1 I suggest you upgrade to 1.1 RC2.
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I'm so hesitant to upgrade from 1.0.5 to 1.0.6. It looks like there are so many problems with this upgrading. My question is: How is 1.0.5 different from 1.0.6? What are the new features exactly?


There are no new features.  This is a security fix.
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"HELP!!! I've fallen and I can't get up"
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I upgraded two SMF sites and assisted with two others. All of them were smooth upgrades with no problems whatsoever.