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Server Maintenance 12/31/09

Started by dschwab9, December 30, 2009, 09:39:39 PM

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Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that I will
be at the datacenter tomorrow, 12/31/09 around 2PM EST to do a little server maintenance. The site will probably be down for 45 minutes or so.

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Good luck and have fun, let us know how it goes. :)

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We'll know it was successful when we can post again ;)

Sudhakar Arjunan

Good to know the updates @ SMF Data Center.

Do update the status as requested.
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Thanks for the heads up and good luck :D
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Hope the maintenance goes well at the Data Center, and would like to wish the server (and yourself) a trouble free new year :)


We'll know it was successful when we can post again ;)
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We'll know it was successful when we can log in again. :P
We have around a good ten minutes until downtime. Brace for impact!

Something like that

That Y2K+10 problem is a pain, isn't it?


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Have such problems at my SMF business forum - sometimes, like database is corrupted or something is going wrong. I also get messages about it on my email.

P.S. Sometimes it looks like a server error.


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Ok, I'm solving this problem with my hosting provider now. Maybe it was connected to bugs with design (bye the way is it really not ordinary enough?))))


Quote from: «Mark» on January 02, 2010, 12:56:38 AM
Quote from: «Mark» on December 31, 2009, 02:21:19 PM
That Y2K+10 problem is a pain, isn't it?

HAHAH... turns out there is a Y2K+10 bug!
There's actually quite a few... Some  EFTPOS machines (machines for processing debit and credit cards at stores) were affected here, as well as some Windows Mobile devices, ATMs in Germany, and Symantec's corporate anti-virus. In the first three cases, the machine thought it was 2016 instead of 2010, and most credit cards were denied because "they had expired" (unless your card expires after 2016). In the last case, the anti-virus stopped getting updates on the 31st December 2009, and it sees all newer updates as "out of date"

And of course, the bad SpamAssassin rule marking all emails received in 2010 as spam. Their fix? Change it from "2010" to "2020". The problem will come back in 10 years if that rule isn't rewritten by then :P
My question to them is, why use a regular expression to match years "in the future"? Why not do current year + 1 or something?
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Because it'll foul up every year coming up to midnight on Dec 31st when some users' timezones will legitmately place it beyond the current year.

Better solution - it needs to look simply at a few days, couple of weeks max, ahead - and if the date is that far ahead, it's likely spam.

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Quote from: Arantor on January 08, 2010, 07:40:18 PM
Better solution - it needs to look simply at a few days, couple of weeks max, ahead - and if the date is that far ahead, it's likely spam.

The SA folks note that in the bug report and it's one of the parts under review for a rewrite. However, a simple fix was needed quickly and that rule change will hold until it can be revisited.
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Goodluck mate. Hopefully it goes well :).
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Symantec finally seems to have solved the problem. Now I can get 2010 dated signatures :)