My Mods are looking for a new Developer

Started by Nibogo, January 02, 2010, 10:26:52 PM

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I have a lot of mods in the SMF Mod Site and in the last months I didn't support them because I don't have the time to do it so now I'm 100% back on SMF and I want to tidy up somethings so I'm looking for someone that take over my mods.

Here are the requeriments:

1. The new Developer should support the mod and obviouslly continue the development.
2. He/She HAS to release the new versions of this mod in the Mod Site and he can't release it as Paid Mods.
3. He/She has to set me as an additional author of the mod.
4. He/She has to have time to support it and have a good knowledge about the mod and how it works.

Note: that I'm not offering ALL my mods, I just want to give the mods that I'm no longer interested but I'll keep with my biggest mods.

Here are the Mods:

View Signature Permission Taked by Ha²
Captcha on Reminder Taked by 130860
Justify BBCode Taked by 130860
Floating Bar Mod Taked by live627
Enhanced Profile Header Taked by live627
Reflection BBCode Taked by Rik©
SMF Affiliates Mod Taked by Ha²
Disable Right Click (Taked by Liam.)
nCode Image Resizer (Taked by live627)

Megavideo BBCode

Best Regards