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Pre-Made Post Replies

Started by James89, January 06, 2010, 11:26:51 AM

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Version: 2.0 RC2

Complete Description

I am not entirely sure whether such a feature exists already or not, but haven't managed to find anything to say it does (please do correct if wrong!). I am looking for a mod which can allow pre-made replies to certain boards to be made. So what I'm thinking is to perhaps have an option next to the reply button where a member of staff can select a pre-made reply from a drop-down list. It would also be very useful if an option could be built in which also emails that specific post to that user for the email address which is saved on file for him or her.

Thus after the relevant pre-made reply has been selected from a drop-down list, this post could be added to the thread as a reply and then an email also sent to the original thread creator. If it is not too much trouble then having an option to after this step has been completed, also automatically move that thread into another board depending upon which pre-made reply had been chosen.

For example, in the admin control panel you could have an area where admins could create a set of pre-made replies which from the settings area for each pre-made reply can be linked to specific boards. Thus one pre-made reply could apply to the selected number of boards, but not others. Within the settings for each pre-made post you could  select the subsequant actions to be taken - e.g. email the pre-made reply to the original poster and/or move the topic to another board and/or lock the topic etc? The pre-made post text would be inputted by the admin.


It would probably mainly be used by admins and global moderators and not normal moderators or members.

Thanks in advance or if any further explanation is needed. :)




Thanks very much, much appreciated! :)

Only thing is that solves the issue of pre-made posts, but just wondered if there is a mod which would actually send a copy of that exact post by email to the original poster (instead of notifying the user that a reply has been made to his thread, because on my forum they won't necessarily be able to see their post after creating it)?




Notification often actually includes the text too AFAIK?


Yes, I believe you are right. :)

However I'm thinking about it, and the trouble is this... a user fills out a form using the customs form mod which automatically generates a new thread in one specific board. This board cannot be viewed by members, but can be viewed by admins. Hence the user who submitted the form cannot now see his actual thread, but is instead taken to a thankyou page located elsewhere, as is a feature in the mod.

This might be asking too much (which I appreciate), but just wondered whether a mod existed or could be made now then which once an admin has replied to the thread originally created, a copy of it is automatically emailed to the originally poster (seeing as he can't access the thread himself/herself). It would also be nice to have an option to edit the actual email subject and ensure the message is sent out without the remainder of the notification text, but instead the post text (sent in by the admin) and nothing else.

Hope that makes some sense?


If it's related to the Custom Form mod, you may want to ask in the thread for it.