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New Forum Software Help Forum

Started by Ash-1993, January 06, 2010, 02:33:55 PM

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New Forum Software Help Forum

Im just wondering should i make a help forum for SMF , MyBB , Vbulletin , PhpBB ,

I want some suggestions if i should make the community or not. I would also be looking for staff. If you want the staff then [PM] me and you can also help me set up the forum. We can use PhpBB forum software if you like. You pick!

Please post your suggestions if i should or not make a New Forum Software Help Forum.

- Ash-1993.
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- Ash-1993

Jade Elizabeth

There are way too many support sites out there for all the forum software's available. Do you know enough to help people out who come to the site?
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Honestly, do you ever expect to be anywhere near as popular as the official sites for these scripts? :)
There are also already many third party sites (theadminzone, adminfuel etc) so I'd say the forum help niche is somewhat overcrowded.
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Namecheap (domains)
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