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Recent Travails of SMF Team and Friends

Started by Kindred, January 28, 2010, 01:46:02 PM

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Quote from: hotchildxox on February 04, 2010, 09:50:16 PM
Anyone care to reply?  Amy?  Can you tell us what happened?  You are the owner.  You did answer  before when questioned, can you explain the rest of it?  Why out of the blue, has everyone decided to overthrow your leadership?  There had to be a specific reason that they wrote that request to you, now what exactly was that?
Maybe the childish behaviour that prevented response in the past is now being attributed to the greater community.  Hence no more responses?
Quote from: Amacythe on February 03, 2010, 10:09:40 PMI apologize to everyone for not informing you sooner of the ongoing strife, but felt it would be inappropriate to point out the childish behavior of our past team members.
We past team members were certainly not the ones to, overnight, lock out all of the team members from access.  Where there are still Team Members who have badges, but have no access to resources to help the community.
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K's why did she lock out the team members from access?  What made her feel it warranted the situation to do such a thing?  See I get bits and pieces here?  What happened to make her decide to lock out the team members from resources that help the community?  And if you say it's because of that letter asking her to step down?   I WILL PULL MY HAIR OUT!!!!!   What is the reason,  the specific reason that led all of you to write that letter asking her to step down?  And I'm not talking about what she should have, could have done five years ago, I'm asking what exactly did she do to make it necessary for all those team members to write that letter now?   She had to have done something....  You don't just wake up and think, I think we will get all the team members together and oust Amy out of her business today?   So what??



alright...  I see we have driven this topic about 6 feet into the ground (about where it belongs, too)

Topic locked. Further commentary and questions on this will be put on hold until we have something additional/new to share.

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