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That is 1.1.13 as i can see.

Pls take a look at this topic:


Hey guys,

I hope this isn't too off topic, but is there a list of all of the different language translations that have been done? I have been brainstorming so ideas and would just like to take a look at a list... thank you. I recently had worked on a file translating everything, but a lightning strike took out my computer and to make it short, I lost everything. I have run disaster recovery [nofollow], but if anybody else can help me piece this back together I would greatly appreciate it.


Hi all im running SMF on my server and i'm using last Lithuanian translation. When i pressing on user im always get this error..:

Template Parse Error!

There was a problem loading the /Themes/default/languages/Who.lithuanian-utf8.php template or language file. Please check the syntax and try again - remember, single quotes (') often have to be escaped with a slash (\). To see more specific error information from PHP, try accessing the file directly.

You may want to try to refresh this page or use the default theme.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting ')' in .../Themes/default/languages/Who.lithuanian-utf8.php on line 155
146: $txt['credits_groups_translators'] = 'VertÄ—jai';
147: $txt['credits_translators_message'] = 'Thank you for your efforts which make it possible for people all around the world to use SMF.';
148: $txt['credits_groups_consultants'] = 'Konsultuojantys vystytojai';
149: $txt['credits_groups_beta'] = 'Beta Testers';
150: $txt['credits_beta_message'] = 'The hidden few who tirelessly find bugs, provide feedback, and drive the developers crazier.';
151: $txt['credits_groups_founder'] = 'Founding Father of SMF';
152: $txt['credits_groups_orignal_pm'] = 'Original Project Managers';
154: // List of people who have made more than a token contribution to this translation. (blank for English)
155: $txt['translation_credits'] = array(CRONUS, Esnyper, Lukas Liesis);
157: ?>

Please give me advise how to fix it. Many thanx.

Maybe not ticked as "is expression" in our language tool. Dzonny or lithuanian translators must check it.


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