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Anti-Spam Links

Started by SMF Customization Team, February 04, 2010, 05:41:18 PM

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Ninja ZX-10RR

Used this mod on a lot of forums, never had an issue until now...

Expected behaviour: <5 posts curbed newbie links, other settings set to 0.

Actual behaviour: ALL posts curbed newbie links BUT (for users with 5+ posts):
  • On show posts, from profile, they work fine.
  • Message preview works fine without newbie links.
  • On Core theme it was bad enough not even in show posts worked.
  • No errors in mod installation.
  • No errors in the error log.

No errors in browser console log either for that matter. Clues? ;D Tia!

EDIT: of course, latest version. And same for SMF.
Quote from: BeastMode topic=525177.msg3720020#msg3720020
It's so powerful that on this post and even in the two PMs you sent me,you still answered my question very quickly and you're apologizing for the delay. You're the #1 support I've probably ever encountered man, so much respect for that. Thank you, and get better soon.

I'll keep this in my siggy for a while just to remind me that someone appreciated what I did while others didn't.

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