Author Topic: How hard will it be to upgrade from 2.0 RC2 when 2.0 stable becomes available?  (Read 755 times)


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First, let me thank the programmers for this wonderful software platform. I am really enjoying it.

The other day I installed the 1.1.11 version. It works great.

Today I tried the Webinstall program to upgrade to the 2.0 RC2 version. It wouldn't work. I think it said something like I am going to have to do the upgrade manually.

From reading over the the Install and Upgrade Help forum it looks like that it may be hard to upgrade from 1.1.11 to the 2.0 RC2. Several others are having difficulty with it.

I am thinking about just making a fresh install of the 2.0 RC2 forum and then just copying and pasting the forum threads from my 1.1.11 version.

My question is this: If I install the 2.0 RC2 version how much upgrading will there be when the 2.0 becomes a stable version? In other words will there be like a Webinstall or a manual upgrade or will it be more simple?

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You will still have to do a manual upgrade from 2.0 RC2 to 2.0 final; there is no alternative to that, no paths for upgrade other than manual upgrade (through the Large Upgrade packages) are provided for beta packages.