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Started by [SiNaN], September 28, 2008, 02:31:49 AM

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Well, then it might be something related to how template edit was updated. As I said, I have tested it myself before uploading. If anyone has an issue, I'll look into it.
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Howdy Sinan! Thanks for updating, first of all.

I can't find the settings for your mod. I searched at Admin Control Panel >> Themes and Layout >> Themes Settings, as instructed, but there's no "Themes Settings"!

So I added the languages strings on my portuguese_brazilian-utf8 (and cleared the Cache), but still nothing happens.

What am I missing?
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Oh-wow, I think something it's wrong here. I managed to find the "Theme Permissions" located one menu above Themes and Layout (don't know the exactly translation, but it's something about 'the Actual Theme').

But that motivates a error message: You cannot set permissions for forum default theme. It must be usable by all users.
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Oh-double-wow! :P

I managed to setup it correctly!! Sorry, I had misunderstood the (VERY SIMPLE, BTW) instructions... LOL

Now it's working great! Thanks a lot, mate!! Now I managed to work it on some VIP accounts for my forum! :)
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Yeah, you just needed to click on the name of the theme in the Theme Settings page. Glad that you could find it. ;)
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Mod is now updated for SMF 2.0 RC4!
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Any hard changes?

I installed on my SMF 2.0 RC4 yesterday, is working great already.
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Biology Forums

Any chance of making this for 1.x


I've got a problem with this mod. For example, if I allow to moderators select a theme a user who is moderator can select it. All it's right but when this user cease to be moderator he can continue using it, not selecting it, but he continues having the theme. I want that when user stops being moderator has the default theme automatically.

The mod is very old, but it's very necesary to me use it

I hope you unserstand me 


So... This mod lets you pick which usergroups can use that theme?
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