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Quick question

Started by higherauthority, March 08, 2010, 10:04:50 PM

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Long ago when i was using Joomla with SMF I had some issues with the template on joomla after installing the bridge.

There was something called a joomla/mambo tag cleanup utility
This seemed to help me with many of my issues with wrapped selected.

Does anyone know if there is one for smf 2.0 and mambo 4.6.5?


You shouldn't need it.  The bridge for SMF 2.0 cleans up the tags automatically.  Just make sure the SMF_header_include mambot is published.


March 08, 2010, 11:50:09 PM #2 Last Edit: March 08, 2010, 11:54:43 PM by higherauthority
When i publish that I get this 

Notice: Undefined variable: configuration in /home1/computi1/public_html/manew/modules/mod_smf_login.php on line 110

Fatal error: Call to a member function get() on a non-object in /home1/computi1/public_html/manew/modules/mod_smf_login.php on line 110

I have seen a few different posts with the directions word for word on how to properly configure the bridge.  i saw it once I know its here.  It listed what modules and such needed to be published. Can you point me to a more recent post for 2.0 RC3 and mambo 4.6.5  is it the same?  I asume it is i just cant find it


You're getting that error even when the mambot is not published, you just don't see it because it's suppressed. 

Add $configuration to the list of globals on line 52 of mod_smf_login.php to fix the error.

The SMF_header_include mambot should always be published.

The other mambots are dependent on your personal choices of login and registration methods.


I did this

if (!defined('_VALID_MOS'))

die('Direct Access to this location is not allowed.');

global $configuration, $smf_path, $bridge_reg, $maintenance, $sourcedir, $context, $user, $settings ;

$configuration =& mamboCore::getMamboCore();

$database =& mamboDatabase::getInstance();

$mainframe =& mosMainFrame::getInstance();

// Get the configuration.  This will tell Mambo where SMF is, and some integration settings

I then get an error

QuoteNotice: Undefined variable: configuration in /home1/computi1/public_html/manew/modules/mod_smf_login.php on line 219

Fatal error: Call to a member function get() on a non-object in /home1/computi1/public_html/manew/modules/mod_smf_login.php on line 219


You did that where in what file?


April 02, 2010, 01:03:08 PM #6 Last Edit: April 02, 2010, 01:06:22 PM by higherauthority
sorry I forgot to include more details  its mod_smf_login.php     it was line 55   Line 52 is blank.   Im using dreamweaver for some reason line numbers everyone else refers to are not exact.   

I added as stated above

I just added $configuration (shown in red)

LINE (52) for me 55     of mod_smf_login.php

global $configuration, $smf_path, $bridge_reg, $maintenance, $sourcedir, $context, $user, $settings ;

I tried it this way too

global $smf_path, $bridge_reg, $maintenance, $sourcedir, $context, $user, $settings, $configuration;

Now I get the

Notice: Undefined variable: configuration in /home1/computi1/public_html/manew/modules/mod_smf_login.php on line 219

Fatal error: Call to a member function get() on a non-object in /home1/computi1/public_html/manew/modules/mod_smf_login.php on line 219

Link  http://midwestairsofters.org/


Open the file in NotePad and see what Dreamweaver did to it.

You might want to download a fresh copy from the downloads page.

In the future, keep in mind that Dreamweaver can do some funky things to PHP files, and should not be used to edit them.


April 02, 2010, 01:26:59 PM #8 Last Edit: April 02, 2010, 01:34:20 PM by higherauthority
That was it.        In notepad line 52 was way different.       Thank you