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Reply to a topic showing on top (above) of topic

Started by LBTRAVA, March 21, 2010, 12:35:14 PM

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Hi everybody, I don't know why but in the forum I'm running I started a topic, immediately afterwards I added a comment to it (a reply).... I don't know why but can anyone tell me why the reply is shown above the original post (topic) despite the fact that the topic was marked as "locked" and "sticky"? In other words it looks like the posts are shown in reverse order (the latest reply shown above the previous one instead of following the previous one). I'm using SMF v. 1.1.11

THX  ;)

Kill Em All

Admin>Current Theme> Reset options> reset guest options>show newest post first>untick that>save

Also go to your profile and looks and layout and untick that same option.

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OK... Many thanks for that ... I'll try it.... I guess it WILL work straight away!!!.....


OKIE DOKIE.... It did work.... the fact is there are so many options around that often it's difficult to realize where they are...  ::)

Anyway... now everything shows up the right way.... Marking topic as fixed.