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Statistics Hard Recounting

Started by Gandalf, May 30, 2005, 08:05:40 PM

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Hello SMF Lovers,

when i migrated to Mambo-SMF, i had a lot of problems, one of those problems with the mambo bridge is that a lot of accounts are duplicated, i don't know why,
so now (a month ago) i use cowboy bridge which deal with mambo and which have far better user management, so i've been working since yesterday to eliminate all dumplicated members, all accounts with invalid mail and edit all user name that has the characters ( < > " ' % - + )..
was so hard, so long i get helped by a scripts i did so i can get arrays with those users and now that's finished, users database is good,

but now with this bridge my statistics don't get counted, only new members are counted, all topics and posts counter are set to 1 and don't change :(

so i want to program a little script that scan all posts, topic and update the counter for each day,

all i need to know is some info about SMF sql tables (i didn't find a detailled explination on the forum about it), i want to know where exactly are:

topics date
posts date

statisctics date
statistics posts count
statistics topics count

Thank you
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