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Invitation Script
« on: May 31, 2005, 09:12:24 AM »
I'm a network engineer and not a php writer so it is only by way of you guys/girls that I am going to get anywhere with this idea.
We are running a member only forum and the doors have been shut to unknown members.
Now it is based on an invitation only method where we just keep a tabs on who invited who and how many.
This is awkward and what we really need is a mod which allows members [lets say in a certain member group] to have either X amount on invites per member, so once they've gone they've gone, or a per-monthly [or some other time span] quota so each month all members are granted a new invitation token [possibly with the option to not allow hoarding of invites if not used].

What would also be nice is; when someone makes an invitation an email is sent to the person getting invited [and a duplicate to admin] containing the invite, the members name who sent it, the receiver name and address and some sort of admin code which tells us admin things like: invites held by member/invites used by member/past invites declined total/successful past invites which could be in the format:

Now this is a pretty decent script idea which I would love to create if I was able too.
It would be very useful for many board admin. You could even turn it around and have say in a gaming forum different member clans and invitations into the clans instead of the website as a whole.

This has potential!
Would love to think someone shares this idea and can make it happen.

I posted this in the wrong place so heres the duplicate..
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