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Extreme Troubles - Database

Started by ascaland, March 28, 2010, 02:23:58 PM

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I have a forum setup that runs off of SMF 1.1.11. And lately I have been having extreme difficulties with it. Unfortauntely the database was tampered with, and apparently some tables were deleted (mostly ban tables). Also, I am getting errors whenever I use mods or even default features of my forum. I always have to copy the Settings_bak and replace the Settings.php with it.

On the other hand I get errors about undefined indexes and what not. Basically the forum is a mess.
Support in this matter would be greatly appreciated.


With what you have described, it might be best to grab a copy of the large upgrade package and put fresh copies of your forum files in place.  Of course this will uninstall all mods and custom edits.  You would need to add those back.  Also determine what tables are missing and extract the specifics from the full install package, install.sql file.  Use phpMyAdmin to create the missing tables.  This will establish the correct fields for the deleted tables.  Wouldn't hurt then to run upgrade.php to make sure everything is correct.
Jim "JimM" Moore
Former Support Specialist


Thanks JimM, unfortunately the webmaster shut the site down anyhow. But I appreciate your answer.