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Started by dougiefresh, April 04, 2016, 06:01:14 PM

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Uploaded v2.1 - April 27th, 2017
o Removed admin option of selecting default language to view.
o Added option to show only installed languages to users.
o Added option to remove sub-language options from view.
o Added option to use language names instead of RFC 1766 IDs for bbcode button.
o Added code to resolve natural language names to RFC-1766 IDs.
o Moved mod settings to Posts and Topics.
o Fixed code to display selectable languages only if more than one language string is present.

@Everybody:  Hopefully this update fixes all of the bugs reported....


Thanks Dougie, this seems like a great mod for multilingual forums and I really like how you made it :) Great job!

-Rock Lee-

I see much better since the last time I've looked, I'm very happy about that ;D and I leave you updated the translation into Latin Spanish.

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Uploaded v2.2 - May 1st, 2017
o Fixed language tag (without equal sign) to close <div> definition.
o Added Spanish Latin translation, courtsey of Rock Lee!
o Added LICENSE.txt to satisfy any licensing concerns.

@Rock Lee:  Thank you for the translation!  It's been included in this version!


Uploaded v2.3 - October 15th, 2018
o No functionality change.
o Updated documentation to point to new website.


Uploaded v2.4 - May 22nd, 2019
o Added support for SMF 2.1 RC2.
o Removed support for SMF 2.1 Beta 3.
o Fixed Spanish Latin language file to properly skip non-existant files.


@dougiefresh why it's not a real bb code? Now it is a parser that works only on topic pages.
Have you any plans to improve the mod?