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a little help

Started by !RFAN, April 03, 2010, 01:24:48 PM

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sorry but i cant do this little modification so i decided to ask you people to help me in this matter.
i just want to remove the red highlighted part... which shows the membergroup...



Hmm, red?  Have I gone colour blind all of a sudden.

I think that this is what you're looking to achieve. As an administrator,  can I hide my "newbie" status?

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haha... sorry for that

actually i want to show post-group by star you can see the image in yellow "new amigo" but a text "new amigo" is being shown.. i just want to remove this text which is highlighted by red... and i have already done which you suggested me to do in your prev post




here is display.template.php


no its not working.. you can check it out here


it removed only for admin
but for users it is still showing postgroup


well, compare those two files and find what's missing. then play around deleting stuff as I did, and sooner or later you will have what you want


okay thanks a lot man.. i have done it :D