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Started by Balaban, April 05, 2010, 01:29:46 PM

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hi again .

i want to customize my themes's board. but i can't ..

I'm using 2.0 RC3 and Core Theme. I want to child boards seem like attached picture. in categories and two colmn..

please, don't suggest Tidy Child Boards mod. because, i want to make this, just change template's file.

Nick Whetstone

Hmm... well, it may be possible, but why don't you want to change the source?
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As you won't be able to find the code, find this:
<strong>', $txt['parent_boards'], '</strong>: ', implode(', ', $children), '
And replace this with the code given by Tenma.


Ha²  ; because, i will be sharing.

Yağız... ; not just this.  do u remeber this topic ( i want to this with it.