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How can I get new members?

Started by Gaimz, April 20, 2010, 03:56:17 PM

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The site is general discussion for gamers about general gaming etc, with off topic forums and all. All of the members I know IRL and that's because I asked them to join and they've stayed (some of them) the problem is, it's never going to get anywhere because no new members are joining!

I need some tips, because right now we're at a standstill and it's just a load of mates having a big conversation right now.


You seem to be following the basic rules (i.e., enough amount of boards, nice looking theme, no empty categories). Other than that you still need to advertise. Your site is going to be known just by sitting around!

And maybe...not make everyone a staff member? Handing out staff positions like candy tends to lower credibility to your site. Add staff members as a need-only basis. A site that has 6 staff for every 1 users is too disproportionate. But rather, if you feel that your user amount is getting too much to handle, then adding a staff member is fine to do.

But i'm thinking just advertise more. Get people to tell all their friends. Heck, you can even post your site in your sig here to attract attention.


Submit your site to directories like http://www.dmoz.org as well as search engines like Google, Yahoo! and others.

Start telling people about your site, and maybe recruit a few friends to start filling your forum with content. Nobody likes a blank forum.
Jason Clemons
Former Team Member 2009 - 2012


Yup, I guess. I've tried advertizing on numerous sites though none have worked. I'll try DMOZ.