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Login from external program without marking new messages read?

Started by $p00ky, May 05, 2010, 11:42:55 AM

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Dear community,

I have a little question about connecting to an SMF 2.x forum from external programs.
I'm currently connecting to my forum from a C++ program and it works well, but I'm actually doing a "normal" login, which means all new replies from my last login will be lost when I connect again from a normal web browser (using the "unread messages from last login" link).

Is there a way to login from external programs without marking the current session new messages as "read"?
$p00ky @ EroGaKi


Please, don't PM me for support unless invited.
If you don't understand this, you will be blacklisted.


Thanks for the link, but I don't see any code documentation or examples on this web page, only a listing of the features.
It says it's possible, but concretely how?
$p00ky @ EroGaKi