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[Private Beta] [Demo] SMF Multiforum System

Started by gamesmad, May 11, 2010, 03:46:46 AM

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any news on this mod? any idea when it'll be made public?



Oh wow, this looks very awesome. I can't wait to see it done.


vbgamer should just make an extra fat donate button on his mods readmes so that forum host consumers still get the full experience of SMF. I don't think it's fair at all to keep a certain group of people away from your mods just because they choose a different forum host then the one you want them to. :/

I understand that you want to keep your forum host exclusive, but that is really not what the web is about. Accept your competition, you'll probably have a lot of it once SMF stabilizes to 2.0. I'm not trying to bring you down, I'm simply stating the fact that the nice thing to do would be to let people use those mods! Just make them put an "SMFFORFREE.COM" banner or link in their copyright.





Is this project still alive?
That mod is interesting!  :(