Leaving a project I'm proud of, a thanks to you all

Started by Compuart, May 27, 2010, 06:51:05 PM

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Simple Machines has come a long way. We started as a project that would take the best from YaBB SE and improve on its weaknesses. I think we succeeded and even exceeded our expectations. I'm very grateful to have been part of that experience and to see SMF become what it is today: something to be proud of.

All good things come to an end. Luckily not for SMF (it still has a bright future ahead), but for me, I'm gonna close this wonderful chapter and move on to new projects and new challenges. I'm grateful for all the trust you, the community, have put into Simple Machines. From the start, it felt like a real community and all of that community helped guide the project towards its success. Thank you all for that faith and support, you have been my inspiration!

Also a big thanks to the team members, past and present, who's devotion to the project has been enormous. Only through working together are we where we are now.

I'd like to thank all the beta testers, as they make Simple Machines the quality product that it is today. You always amaze me by finding things I wouldn't even think to look for. Their work can hardly be seen in the end product, other than by looking at how smoothly things are working.

Translators, you are special! What good is SMF if it is focused on English territory alone? You are very dedicated, some of you even managed to translate over 5,000 language entries (SMF 2.0) within a few weeks! Thank you for making SMF available in all corners of the world.

Thanks to those of you creating themes, modifications, documentation, smiley sets, etc. for Simple Machines Forum. Without you, the product wouldn't be as versatile and flexible as it is now. The core developers are limited in what we can do, but with your help, SMF can be a whole lot more.

Last but not least, thanks to the Charter Members. You've given the project the financial support, but moreover the moral support that came out of passion for the project. You believe in Simple Machines and for that, I'm grateful.

I'm glad the development team has added some great new people that will continue guiding SMF towards new milestones.

I wish you all the best and hope to see you around for a long time!

Thanks again to all.
Hendrik Jan Visser
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Nick Whetstone

As I said elsewhere, you will definitely be missed.

Thanks for everything you contributed to SMF, and good luck with what you choose to do in the future. :)
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Thanks for bring SMF where we are today. You will be missed. Good luck to your future endeavor.
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Thank you Compuart for all your contributions, time for SMF. It's amazing to see this software grow over years to become of the leading forum software out there. All the amazing work done the new language editor in SMF 2.0, utf8 handling, the smflib for php extension that was pretty neat when I checked it out, and just having a person from Europe to help lead the team and bring their own perspective to the team.
Thank you for visiting us multiple times in the United States when we had meetings it was nice to map a voice/picture to a name.
Hope that you still stick around,help,visit out if you can in the future.
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Farewell comrade, may your future journeys be as fruitful and fulfilling.
A Big Thank You :)
Be well..
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a really big thank you Compuart   for all your hard work and dedication to this project.  Good luck to all your future endeavors.


As I've already said, you will be sorely missed. :) Thank you for all your contributions, and good luck on whatever it is you decide to do next. Don't be a stranger. ;)


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farewell compuart while we not always seen eye to eye i alway shave respected you as a dev, and was amazing meeting you atthe motm, good luck in the future, and pase do consider the invite i sent via pm


Compuart, you've been a huge part to make SMF where it is today. From the very beginning i've been here your posts showed me that you have a wonderful personality and are very brilliant at what you do. A huge thank you for your contribution to the software, and I wish you the best of luck in wherever you go in the future. :)


Thank you again for all the things you have done for SMF CompuArt!
All the best wishes and I hope you drop by from time to time.
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Thanks for everything fella, you have done so much for this project and everyone appreciates it.

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A big lost really.. but hey, i wish you the best!! :)


Hello Compuart,

I also thank you for all you did for SMF and the best with your new projects!

Good luck & greetings, Linda


I already asked myself why you had a "Smf Friend" badge. But thanks for all, Compuart! You will be missed. Succes with your new projects. Good luck.
Mr. Simple


I'm truly worried to see you leaving... Thank you for being a source of inspiration (at least for me) and for the wonderful coding you've done for SMF. Hope to see you around sometimes.. Whenever you plan something completely new and need a Co-DEV feel free to contact me ;)


Sorry to see you go hendrik jan.

Like i said before, you and unknown were the two big developers of SMF and it couldn't be the wonderful forum it is without you.

I hope one day you and unknown will can help again on our great SMF.
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Thank you Compuart for your hard work to make SMF what is today and for all the love that you put on it!!!! I hope all the best for your future projects and (expecially) for your real life! ;)

Quote from: Compuart on May 27, 2010, 06:51:05 PM
Translators, you are special! What good is SMF if it is focused on English territory alone? You are very dedicated, some of you even managed to translate over 5,000 language entries (SMF 2.0) within a few weeks! Thank you for making SMF available in all corners of the world.

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Nao 尚

Sad to see the entire earlier dev generation leave the project... :(
We'll try to keep up with the good work! Thanks for all the bugs fish!
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Aaah! I didn't get much of a chance to start troubling you but on the bright side, 1 less person to tell me off.. ;D

Good Luck Mate. I hope you have lots of success in your future projects. Thanks a ton (and even more) for helping out in SMF project. :)