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Promote your forum for free!

Started by element01, May 29, 2010, 08:45:38 AM

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Looks great! I never thought you could do that with Wordpress. Well, I hope I get another group of college kids most of my members of Dukedom are still atcollege or will go to.



thanks dude  ;D would rather use SMF so I include a decent forum. Might have to play around with a portal or something.

The advertising space on my site is FREE guys, let me know if you want a block.


you can put mine in a block if you like


I'll take an ad block too, I even have an image for you. The URL is http://www.petgrowth.com

      Love talking about pets?
      Visit a friendly pet forum!

      Looking for tips to running a forum?
      Trebul's community guide



Thanks guys! Your ads will be added asap.

The SMF community is awesome full stop.

I might make a new thread about this, but some of you have pretty popular forums and I would love to interview you for my University report on 'creating communities'. Please let me know if you are interested, I might even be able to pay you for the help.



I am interested, I sent you my Ad banner by the way, hope you received it.



Can you please add another of my forums? This is brand new, working on it since yesterday. But i know that it will be big as it has a fan following of 166,673 people on FB.



Some great forums here guys! You will see me signing up in these tomorrow.  ;D

Please remember to RATE AND COMMENT your forum to maximize the amount of visitors you will receive! Some of these great forums have no ratings at all.

Vote @ forumtuner.com

The Post Exchange service has also started so apply to exchange posts with other SMF users.


My forum is here: http://www.forumvancouver.com/

I used the submit form on the website as well.



Add me, I'll be active on your site for sure.

Add: forums.theammo.com

Website coming soon.


here is mine...



I didn't get you how you promoting Forums, might you have team working on it, If it is like this I want to be your member too for promoting others forum free.

Did you promote anyone forum yet?



hey maihannijat  :)

I have a team of 3 people who help to promote forums, but you can definitely help out. These are the ways we promote forums:

1. We promote new submissions on our homepage.

2. We submit forum URL's to 20 major search engines.

3. We off free promotion advice about any question.

Go to http://www.forumtuner.com/ to get promotion help.


If there is still room, then would you please add http://theflipsideforum.com ? Thanks!



I had around 2k members but I had to temporarily remove my site and now I'm bringing it back with a new look. I have a youtube with like 500 subscribers but hey, more advertising is good :P www.speedscapers.com  (digital fine art)