confused with membergroups SMF2 RC3

Started by sk8agrrl, June 08, 2010, 01:44:44 PM

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I'm confused with the membergroup settings and permissions. In theory I completely understand it all but putting it into practice has scrambled my brain to the point I dont think I'll ever get it - kinda like maths!

I would like new members to be automatically assigned to a newbie member group and thought this would happen as a default when someone joined. When i set up my test ordinary member account, there was no group assigned and I could either assign one as admin manually or the member would see no forums.

I have one forum available to members just signed up so having a zero post count shouldnt make a difference and they should see this but my testmember didnt.

Ive confused myself going over and over the permissions and settings pages as I've set the forum up, that I dont know where I'm meant to be looking and the online manual really doesnt help me much.

Oh yeah my question - how do I get a newly signed up member to be automatically assigned a membergroup upon registration without manually setting it?
Is thick as pigs**t when it comes to this.


ok and another issue related to this is getting members to view certain boards.

I understand that each member is assigned two groups. One based on membergroup and the other based on points and I think perhaps this is where my confusion kicks in.

I have Admin, Global Mod, Regular Member then the usual post count ones Newbie, Senior Member etc. If I want all members to see a board and I select Regular Member to have permissions, do I then also have to select all the post count member types too?

If I add a new member group, Special members and want them to see all boards including one just for them, do I just highlight special member in permissions but not based on post count? (Ive tried to do this and the board wont show up but if I select based on post count too it shows up to everyone)

I miss the good old days of permissions for idiots. :( I have reaffirmed my idiocy today with this.
Is thick as pigs**t when it comes to this.