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Convert from punbb 1.27 to smf

Started by jcarv, August 11, 2011, 06:20:16 AM

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Hi everyone,
I'm trying to convert a large and old punbb 1.2.7 to SMF. I've downloaded the scripts from the converters area and I get this error:

Making sure database structure is appropriate...Converting members... Unsuccessful!
This query:

    id AS id_member, SUBSTRING(username, 1, 80) AS member_name,
    registered AS date_registered, num_posts AS posts,
    IF(group_id = 1, 1, IF(group_id = 2, 2, 0)) AS id_group,
    SUBSTRING(title, 1, 255) AS usertitle, last_visit AS last_login,
    SUBSTRING(password, 1, 64) AS passwd,
    SUBSTRING(IFNULL(realname, username), 1, 255) AS real_name,
    SUBSTRING(location, 1, 255) AS location,
    SUBSTRING(email, 1, 255) AS email_address,
    SUBSTRING(url, 1, 255) AS website_title,
    SUBSTRING(url, 1, 255) AS website_url, SUBSTRING(aim, 1, 16) AS aim,
    SUBSTRING(icq, 1, 255) AS icq, SUBSTRING(signature, 1, 65534) AS signature,
    SUBSTRING(yahoo, 1, 32) AS yim, SUBSTRING(msn, 1, 255) AS msn,
    IF(email_setting = 0, 0, 1) AS hide_email,
    timezone AS time_offset, SUBSTRING(registration_ip, 1, 255) AS member_ip,
    '' AS lngfile, '' AS buddy_list, '' AS pm_ignore_list, '' AS message_labels,
    '' AS personal_text, '' AS time_format, '' AS avatar, '' AS usertitle,
    '' AS secret_question, '' AS secret_answer, '' AS validation_code,
    '' AS additional_groups, '' AS smiley_set, salt AS password_salt,
    SUBSTRING(registration_ip, 1, 255) AS member_ip2
    FROM (mydatabase).1212_users
    WHERE id != 1
    LIMIT 0, 500;

Caused the error:

    Unknown column 'salt' in 'field list'


Probably the change needed for PunBB 1.3.x broke it for 1.2.7.

You can try to change the line in punbb_to_smf.sql containing

'' AS additional_groups, '' AS smiley_set, salt AS password_salt,

back to

'' AS additional_groups, '' AS smiley_set, '' AS password_salt,


thanks. i've had other problems , related to the migration of topics, and finally posts (because of the max_allowed_packet server parameter), but i managed to solve them.

after the full migration, i applied another small php program which solved the fact that no password was working (LogInOut.php). To my disappointement, when I check the result of the migration, i could not read any topic, message:

Unknown column 't.id_new' in 'field list'
Ficheiro: /home/fcporto/public_html/f/Sources/Display.php
Linha: 197

It seems to be the only problem...i can create topics. but if i go right away and open it, it fails.