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Problem with unapproved posts after upgrade/migration

Started by MrVista, June 23, 2010, 05:57:24 PM

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Our community forum was hacked (every index.php file) and we thought what the heck, let's redo everything and only keep the database.
We know SMF2 is only RC but we thought it was worth the risk anyway even though we run quite a busy forum.

Said and done. We upgraded the hacked forum from 1.1.11 to 2.0 RC3 just to get the database upgraded. Once that was done we took down the site for a couple of days while we rebuilt a new site and then restored the old database. I think that must be very close to best practise :)

The problem we have now is that all the old posts are set to "awaiting approval" and if you go in to unapproved posts under moderate it says "Topics (1683)" but the field below is EMPTY.

Also if I use quick moderation I can check a bunch of unapproved posts and then choose to approve them but nothing happens.

Members are now back posting new topics without any problem it's just the old ones that are unavailable for everyone who is not admin.

Please help :)


Start to empty the database table "SMFprefix_approval_que

Then go to Admin - Maintenance - Forum Maintenance - Routine

Run the options "Find and repair any errors" and/or "Recount all forum totals and statistics"

Last but not least, run "Empty the file cache".
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I tried this but it didn't change anything.
"SMFprefix_approval_que" was already empty and doing the rest didn't make any difference.

Any other ideas?


I do see an error in phpmyadmin when viewing the table though.
"no index defined"



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Quote from: MrVista on August 06, 2010, 06:33:45 PM
I upgraded from version 1.1.11
It should work unless there is problem with your upgrade or upgrade file. I'll retry upgrading it again if I were but this time I make sure that all upgrade files are intact.