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Issues with Left Block and Banner

Started by Svannah, July 05, 2010, 06:04:15 AM

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On the TP download page, you'll see "Support and comments for this mod", or similar, in a big, blue box. ;)


Bloc's a really good guy, so I'm sure he'll help you out, if he can. :)


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The support topic saves Svannah having to register. ;)

There might be additional benefits of signing-up at TP, though. ;)


K@ - Just posted on the link you gave me - thank you.

Paul_Pauline - I appreciate the feedback!  I'll probably wait to do that one til I can look at the site from home, but thank you!


For now, I'll mark this "Solved".

If you need any more help, with this, just mark it "Unsolved" and post away! :)