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Motor Sport

Started by AST3R1X, October 16, 2008, 08:38:19 PM

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Link to the theme

Auto racing theme in brown and gold colours

This theme has now been updated and the header will resize to the users browser.


AST3R1X Hi I have this theme on my forum and in the above list where all the icons start, help, etc, etc do not get the icon from the list of users, from there to turn the administration?

the very cute theme, I love ¡¡¡

a greeting and thanks

I link the forum [nonactive]


The images for the menu can be found in the theme folder images/english  :) There is also a blank one so you can customise to your own needs  ;) 
Hope this helps  :D

Gavin Chatt

Just found this theme and like it however sorry to ask but is there a simple optioon to allow a link to the forums to show on the menu?
Gavin Chatt
Austeam Founder