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Applying database on a new forum

Started by !RFAN, August 12, 2010, 07:12:11 AM

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i had a smf forum but i think i made many mistakes in customizing it.. now i want to creat a new forum and apply the old database on that forum...

what should i do?
will i have to install all the mods which i had on prev forum??
and what about themes? i had 10 themes on old forum??

please anybody take a minute and guide me...

thanks in advance :)


If you use the SMF large upgrade archive, it'll overwrite almost everything with clean, virgin files.

The mods will still be in "Packages". You'll just need to reapply them.

Your custom themes, of course, will be unchanged and will probably need to be deleted and reinstalled.

Members and posts will remain as they were.  :)


so i should apply database on my new forum... coz i want to reinstall the themes.. and yess i want to install different mods.. applying database is good option for me i think.. Thanks

but i really dont know how to apply database on new forum...please guide me with this.. thanks :)


Is this new forum going to be in a different place, or something?

I seem to be misunderstanding you, somehow.


yess... it will be a new forum and i just want to apply the database of old forum on the new one...

i tried this... i installed a new forum... and from phpmyadmin i opened the database of new forum and imported the database of old forum... then i used repair_settings.php ... everything was fine...  i installed new theme ..
problems m facing ryt now: i was trying to get rid of all error  i was getting in error logs.. but after applying database i can see all errors back in error log...
pictures are avatars and smileys..but i know i can replace the folders with old one's...

so the problem is those errors... how to get rid of them...??


okay i deleted all error logs..i thought they were old.. so lets see if i get new errors in log..


i got no errors in error log now... so now i can install all the themes and mods again and i can avoid any mistakes now...

just tell me if i used the required method or not...??


If it works, it's right!

What I tend to do, is import the database, then install the software and point it to the database, on install.

Whatever works has got to be good, though.  :)


okay i have done it, thanks for the help.

now i want to install some features like e-arcade, portal, etc.
what should i do??? should i place their files only or i should re-install them properly??
coz their database exist... i was thinking that proper installation might create duplicate tables in database??

one more thing, i want to install simple portal in new forum instead of tinypostal which was installed in old forum..

should i install the portal or first remove portal database???
sorry if my questions are silly but this time i dont wanna make any mistake which generates errors...

thanks again for the help :)


Duplicate tables won't cause any problems, I believe.

I'd imagine (Though  don't know, for sure) that if the table(s) exist(s), the install will just use the existing ones.


hmmm... okay i will try proper installation.. lets see

Kill Em All

!RFAN, did the installation complete successfully? IIRC, it should work without any problems and you shouldn't get duplicate tables.

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yes it was working fine... but i experienced some problems in some areas...
like "who" page was showing wrong info.... mostly it shows that member is on an unknown page...
some members cant access who page...
i removed it and installed again... i mean i re-applied datbase on a fresh installation... till now i have not got any complain...btw i did it can check it out... link is in my sigi..