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ways to get more members to your forum
« on: September 07, 2010, 07:00:35 PM »
1.Advertise your forum on other forums or websites. If advertising at a forum, be sure to put it in the advertising section or in your sig. For websites, you could try putting it in the guestbook or hooking up with the affiliates page. This step is a major key in getting new members. When advertising your forum, you may want to put the advertisement in the form of a mondo, eye-catching banner.

2.Spruce your forum up and make it fancy and unique. Visitors will be more obliged to join a forum that is well-combed. Try getting a good skin, good images, good smilies, and think up some good topics. If you can, try to put some features on your forum that aren't common on some of the more popular ones.

3.Encourage your members to promote your forum. Have them advertise it on other forums/websites and have them refer to good friends about the forum. You shouldn't force them to do so, but if they are loyal to your forum and want to see it grow, they'll be happy to oblige.

4.Try your best to shine the light on all your members. If any member feels left out or is being mistreated, then they're most likely going to leave. Not only did you just lose a member, but you probably lost the member's ability to promote your forum.

5.Do everything in your power to keep your forum active. Visitors don't like to join dying forums, so be sure you can post something every day or so. If you're presenting something new every now and then, your current members will probably follow.

Be a 'Dual Poster'. This is where you create multiple accounts yourself and use them all so it seems like your forum is active, drawing in new members. Use this trick only if you are desperate. But remember, you will have to keep going into your other accounts to keep the secret hidden. If you made like 10 accounts, people will realize something is up. And remember, if you make someone a mod, they can see IP adresses on accounts. So they might know its you.

7.Create contests. For example, you could give someone moderator status for whoever helped out the most or something. You should make the contest meaningful and the prize worth fighting for.

8.Leverage print media. Arrange for your topic to get into the newspaper or other periodicals. Readers may take the bait and migrate from the print media source onto the Web and become active in your forum.

9.Link to other websites on similar topics. Linking is a prime way to get noticed: petition webmasters for cooperative linking and watch Web traffic rise.

10.Optimize your SEO. Another way to bump up a website and get more traffic is to use the principles of Search Engine Optimization. To do this, select keywords used in the discussion of your topic and include them in content pages that will draw in both search engine operators and readers. SEO optimization will get your site noticed and effectively promote your forum.

11.Post interesting "leads". Established newspapers and other organizations use this tactic to promote posting on their online forums. You get an interesting or controversial item and post it, attracting opinion response posts from readers. Many times, the forum containing these leads acquires a life of its own.

12.Practice "bricks and mortar" evangelism or social networking. Find people you know who are experts on your topic, have inside knowledge or just an interesting angle. Encourage them to add their two cents to promote more responses on the forum.
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