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Not quite sure what you would call it but this is a request for soemthing I'd like to see implemented into 2.0 which I hope is taken seriously as it proves ot be extremely useful.

Ok, so as it stands with RC3 during the initial installation of packages you have the option to install their language strings and stuff to other themes. Well, lets say you got soemthing like 10 packages or so (20 with me) installed and you later decide to install a new theme. Well, to get the language strings installed for the new theme you have to go through each package and uninstall thene reinstall it. Well here's where my idea comes in to play...

I would like to see an extra option on the package manager page where it shows the packages you have but an extra "install" option that would allow you to instal theme specific language strings and stuff.

I hope I made this clear, the idea looks and sounds good in my head lol

plz see

That post is a slight joke given it's wording, this is a request for the next version of SMF which is 2.0. Until it's final it's still requestable IMO.

Edit: As to why no one would have even considered this as far as I know is beyond me since it is something that should be addressed.

What part of feature fixed don't you understand?

Why is it beyond you that this feature has never been considered? I can tell you're no coder. It is plainly obvious why this "feature" won't be considered vby the devs. Think of the implications. Once you install a mod, how would it be able to guess which theme will be added in the future? Code cannot be added to a non-existent file. That is why source edits are much more favorable. With edits to the source files, all themes are naturally supported.

Refute this. Anybody. Any good, and I mean good, modder/themer/coder/programmer/whatever knows I am right.

Im locking this for your god liek attitude and smart ass ness... Who cares if Im no coder, who cares if you are... as for implications, ooh my god... we shold be scared of implications for being able to add language strings... gee that might break something.


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