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Duplicate entry 'xxxxxxx' for key 1
« on: September 18, 2010, 07:25:13 AM »

i solved now this problem.

IPB : 2.3.X Series
SMF : 1.1.X Series

Section 1 :

Pls go to phpmy adminpanel.  -> choose ur database table etc. "test1" and ->look left list , 1 click ibf_members table -> and -> look top menus -> click "operations" button.

ok done is here.?

ok now press repair table button.

well done this tables.


Section 2 :

Pls Download this file (name : ipb23tosmf11_fullworked.rar )

upload ur ftp.

And try again converting operations.(

name : ipb23tosmf11_fullworked.rar (attached last on this message)

Result : Woala!

Sorry for bad language , only help for smf user...

Invision Power Board 2.3 to SMF Converter
Recalculating forum statistics... Successful.
Conversion Complete
Congratulations, the conversion has completed successfully. If you have or had any problems with this converter, or need help using SMF, please feel free to look to us for support.
Please check this box to delete the converter right now for security reasons. (doesn't work on all servers.)

Now that everything is converted over, your SMF installation should have all the posts, boards, and members from the Invision Power Board 2.3 installation.

We hope you had a smooth transition!


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