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December 03, 2021, 11:32:02 AM


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login errors between mambo and forum

Started by bunglehaze, June 28, 2005, 08:58:12 AM

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Hi chaps, I am hoping one of you can help me sort this ASAP, I am getting the following error up if I try and go into my forum from mambo without logging into the front screen

QuoteFatal error: Call to undefined function: ob_googlebot_getagent() in /home/phishybu/public_html/forum/Sources/BoardIndex.php on line 258

I am a bit of a PHP noob, although I can get by with the basics this one has got me stumped,

this one seems to be the line in question

Quote$is_spider = ob_googlebot_getAgent($actions['USER_AGENT'], $spider_name, $agent, $row['ID_MEMBER'] == 0);

Can any of you help me get over this glitch please.. it only seems to have happened since I upgraded to 1.05


leigh :D